Enter a new era of rental management.

Your software can no longer just offer maintenance and accounting. Thanks to REM, you can now handle flexible leasing opportunities and engage a supportive network. You’re now part of an experience.


Let us help you start your journey on REM.

Cost Savings

No SaaS fees. Lower your costs by leveraging our affordable service platform. Get more for way less

Increase in Retention

Increase your renter retention & renewals dramatically. Our services help renters and your bottom line.

Decreased Response Time

Our fully integrated network allows for seamless engagement with a host of on-demand services.

Increased Satisfaction

Renters witness dramatic increase in satisfaction across the board. Immediately fill the gaps & start wow’ing.

Save time and money with our fully unified platform

Support your renters with award winning services, support and access. Manage any kind of property, for any duration of lease you choose. Stay compliant with the latest regulations and best practices. We’ve got you covered.

Differentiate & Win

Whether you’re listing, building leads or closing applications, you now have an affordable, powerful solution.

Maintenance Management

Whether you have your own service team or want to quickly source and schedule a professional, REM’s network has you covered.

Property Management Software that Wow's

If you’re seeking powerful, margin boosting, service rich, consumer wow’ing property management software, welcome! Fill listings with a single, affordable click.

Our sophisticated digital approach frees you to focus precisely and exclusively on information that will improve time, energy and financial efficiencies. We’ve worked hard to cut unnecessary costs and stress for you.

Explore our services

Continually putting your interests first.

Property Marketing

We market rental homes aggressively, using traditional and digital listings to connect with renters across the Seattle metro. We work quickly to fill your vacany. We are the best in Seattle Property Management.

Tenant Screening

Every application we receive undergoes careful screening to keep you protected. We only place well-qualified tenats that meet our stringent requirements.


Keep your home in great shape by letting us handle its maintenance. We respond to requests, dispatch service providers, and make sure the work meet our standards.

Rent Collection

Get your rent payment in on time. We handle all monthly billing responsibilities and manage tenant relationships. We distribute your earnings via ACH transfer.

Property Inspections

Stop worrying about your rental home. We schedule frequent inspections to make certain your tenant is taking good care of your property.

Financial Reporting

Our accounting experts create detailed financial reports each month to document your recent performance. Access them at any time by logging into your account.


When a bad situation takes a turn for the worse, it’s important to be prepared. We offer eviction support and walk you through the process of legally removing the bad apple.

Rent Legal Guidance

Don’t find yourself in a legal conundrum. From HOA rules to local housing ordinances, we work diligently to ensure your property respects all applicable laws.


Supercharge your business with our platform’s integrated E-Signature feature. Close deals faster, eliminate paperwork, and deliver a frictionless customer experience that sets you apart from the competition.


Level up your business by allowing renters to submit mobile payments on our platform. Let them effortlessly transact on-the-go, delight managers, and stay ahead of the competition.


Stay compliant and in control with our platform’s integrated accounting. Effortlessly manage finances, track expenses, and make confident decisions. Your data is secure, ensuring seamless growth and success.

Local Engagement

Empower local engagement, stand out, succeed. Drive foot traffic, elevate brand visibility, and offer personalized experiences through our platform. Dominate your market with hyper-local insights and targeted marketing.

Digitally manage your leasing activity and beyond

You’ve probably noticed, property management isn’t just about the property or accounting anymore. Get more with REM.

Manage Leasing Activity

We’ll handle all of your administrative and reporting needs from one single location, to an entire portfolio of rentals.

Powerful system to manage all properties, units & renter needs.

Today’s era of leasing activities go far beyond maintenance, lead generation or accounting. You need software that goes beyond as well, supporting you, your team and offering you an affordable way of scaling operations.

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